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Give Me 3 Hours and Never Again Worry About Career Security or Financial Peace of Mind!

Hire the “Master of the 3-Hour Seminar” and Get REAL Results and Rave Reviews for Your Money

Don’t hire yet another motivational speaker who can get your audience excited for a few minutes... only to see the good feelings wear off quickly while you watch your money go down the drain.

Give me 3 hours and I can show your audience a process that will change their lives forever... help them make more money…give them tools to create financial security for life... and show them how to create the career or business of their most compelling dreams.

I have been called the "Master of the 3-Hour Seminar" because I provide you with an interactive, high-energy, fun, and powerful seminar on any of the following topics:

  • Create a bulletproof career so that you never worry again about financial security or peace of mind.
  • Create a bulletproof power base so that you are one call away from the most influential power brokers in your industry and community, and so that people call you FIRST when they have an opportunity.
  • Start your own business and build it up to a multi-million dollar enterprise, virtually without risk.
  • Solopreneurs: Launch a million-dollar consulting or coaching business.
  • Set up your online information publishing empire.

On request, I can also lead one-day and two-day workshops.

Read what others are saying...

"10 out of 10! You have accelerated my creative juices. I see many new possibilities. The energy level is very high, which really helps learning and creativity, and time flies by!" - Iain Pullinger, CEO, the PPM Doctor Limited

"You have a depth and breadth of experience that you bring to your presentations. You use anecdotes that illustrate the material, and this is very effective." - Ronald N. Cooke

"I love your humor! Great presentation and frameworks. The overall value I received: expanding my thinking, gaining new tools, and learning how to create and market myself." -DJ Sie, Conscious Business Creation

"I have moved from indecision to decision. You need to emphasize how much FUN your presentations are! Positively energizing." - Molly Sherrick Phifer

"...Provides you the savvy to survey the business battlefield, armor to protect against incoming threats, tactics to manage likely encounters, and courage to lead the attack.." - Gus Garcia, Garcia Group, Executive and Business Coaching, www.execbizcoach.com

"...The answers to career success and fulfillment, offering clear and direct advice... for anyone who wants to see massive success in his or her career." - Wayne Morris, CEO, Eventus Coaching, www.eventuscoaching.co.uk

"...The bible for ultimate success in your career." - Helena Nyman, Success/ Executive Coach, Speaker & Author, www.ExecutiveCenterOfExcellence.com

"...Tools to further your own career with a flexible, dynamic approach that minimizes risk and positions you for long-term security and wealth creation in a fast-moving, uncertain market." - Tim Vandergriend, Ebusiness Consultant, Redalto Communications, www.redalto.com

"...Actually delivers on how to reach YOUR OWN dreams. Not only will you now be equipped for the inevitable, but also for the unknown." - David O'Meara, The O'Meara Process, www.omearaprocess.com

"Andrew Neitlich provides a new set of strategies for success in the information age. ... practical wisdom for anyone who wants to take control of their career and capitalize on the exciting opportunities out there." - Barbra Sundquist, Business Coach and Founder, BioTemplates.com

"...As someone who has recently made a risky transition, I have found this invaluable and motivating yet practical to use." - Adrienne Gilliver, President, Connect Executive Coaching

"Your knowledge certainly makes me think outside the square and want to explore the many opportunities out there. I can't recommend your materials enough for anyone looking for a step-by-step roadmap to building a successful career or even starting a new business." - Neil Aluna, CEO, Vital Business Improvement Solutions, www.vitalbis.com

"There isn't a person I know who would not benefit from Andrew's insights! Whether you're at the beginning of your career, on the back nine, or a stay-at-home parent, what you learn is the secret weapon to bulletproofing your career. Andrew uses real examples to make his points engaging and ones that will carry you forward in your career and in life." - Debra Hanby, Cofounder and Business Growth Guide, Directions for Growth Business Coaching, www.directionsbusinesscoaching.com

"...punchy information, geared to kick you into action. In fact, I picked up the phone and made business calls to people I hadn't even thought of contacting. Andrew is also highly entertaining even while teaching me to be a savvy guerrilla. I laughed till I cried when it came to 'The Lemming and Bubble Radar' ... it literally brought tears to the bottom line." - Margaret-Jane Howe, Business Executive Coach and Company Director, Khapish Trading Ltd, www.leadershipresultscoaching.com

"...A lifesaver for me.... Thank you for your invaluable insight into the tricky arena of career success!" - Rick Osborn, www.RickOsborn.com

"...Arms you with the tools required to make powerful decisions and realize an extraordinary career. A person ready to take charge of their life will love this content." - Kristina Mercier, CPC, CEC, CCC; Life and Career Designer

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If you are tired of the typical rah-rah motivational speech that drains your budget, and if you want to enjoy serious RESULTS that will last a lifetime, let’s talk. For more information, call me directly on my personal cell phone at 941-539-9623.

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Get this book and never again worry about financial or career security...

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