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Chilling Numbers for Job Seekers and Job Holders

| 1662 Views | Self-Employment

The Wall Street Journal today published an editorial by a business owner explaining that he pays about $77,000 to get $44,000 to an employee's bank account every year. Most of the addtiional money goes to taxes, and then benefits. He doesn't Read on...

A Revolution in Small Business

| 1738 Views | Self-Employment

I firmly believe that everyone has knowledge, talents, and skills that can make them wealthy. If you can't find jobs or job  openings, I challenge you to start your own business to bring your skills to the marketplace. Contrary to popular Read on...

You CAN Work from Home...Without Any Scams or Get Rich Schemes

| 1601 Views | Self-Employment

Within a few decades, if not sooner, people will look back on the days of cublicles and commutes to work as a strange and unpleasant artifact of a specific period in history. The same might be true for the 9-5 job. I don't know many people who Read on...

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