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Case Study: Instant Career Success While Self-Employed

| 1978 Views | Self-Employment

Many people wonder how to succeed when they go out on their own as a freelancer. Well, here is one story about a colleague of mine who seems to be achieving instant success. His name is Andre, and he is a fitness trainer. He got into this line of w Read on...

What To Do IMMEDIATELY If You Are Unemployed for More than 5 Months

| 1906 Views | Self-Employment

If you have been unemployed for 6 months -- or you are in a job you have hated for 6 months or more and you can't find a better job -- then it is time for an IMMEDIATE change in attitude and strategy. It is time to start your own business. Ever Read on...

Why Jobs are Obsolete

| 1976 Views | Self-Employment

Stop thinking in terms of jobs. I imagine that fifty years from now, historians will look back on the idea of commuting to work, sitting in cubicles, and being tied to a single employer (even for a short time) as a short-lived anachronism. Why woul Read on...

Case Study: Employee Making the Leap to Entrepreneur

| 1719 Views | Self-Employment

One of the hardest career decisions you can make is when to make the leap from employment to entrepreneurship. There are so many factors to consider. I just had a great coaching meeting with a colleauge who is thinking of making the leap. Following a Read on...

The New Way of Working Really Works

| 2087 Views | Self-Employment

Are you still attached to the concept of having a "job"? It used to be that being employed was the safest, most secure way to earn a paycheck. Not anymore. You can make more money and have more security if you abandon the concept of a job Read on...

Good News for Agile Career Guerrillas

| 1619 Views | Self-Employment

Yesterdays Wall Street Journal featured two stories that portend good things for those of us who get the concept of career agility. First, the paper noted that a group of "super angels" are starting investment funds. These funds fill the Read on...

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