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Want Career Security? Deliver 10 X Your Salary/Fees in Value

| 1905 Views | Career Strategies

As a consultant and executive coach, I know what it takes to get and keep a real client: I need to deliver about 10 times my fees in value back. If I can find a situation where I can bring that kind of value, I know I have a loyal client. Similarly Read on...

How Ready Are You for China's Dominance?

| 1759 Views | Career Strategies

Any minute now, China is going to overtake Japan as the second largest economy in the world, after the United States. And the United States will be next to fall, maybe not tomorrow, but most likely sooner than we expect. China has many advantages o Read on...

Is The Four-Hour Work Week Really Possible?

| 1669 Views | Career Strategies

Is the promise of a four-hour work week in Timothy Ferriss' book possible? Yes!  In my own case, I've gotten things down to about 20-25 hours per week, and I did it long before his book came out (the same is true for Jay). I've Read on...

How Can the "Average Joe" Get Ahead?

| 1817 Views | Career Strategies

Okay, so you think of yourself as an Average Joe or Average Jane, and you wonder how you can get ahead in this chaotic, global economy. Well, you can, but you might not like the answer that follows.... First, Average Joe is merely a label that you Read on...

Live Where You Love!

| 1783 Views | Career Strategies

The question, "What should I do with my life?" is crucial, but it is not the first question to ask. A question to ask first is, "Where would I love to live?" Find a place you love to live and make it your home. You can find w Read on...

Buy or Rent a Home?

| 1627 Views | Career Strategies

It used to be a sacrosanct belief that owning a home was part of the American dream. If you want an agile career, you might reconsider this belief. <more> Owning a home makes perfect sense if you are sure that you have a secure job, make enou Read on...

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