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Where to Place Your Bets At a Time of Huge and Growing Government Deficits

| 1919 Views | Career Strategies

The US Federal Government has been printing money like nobody's business and it is going to affect all of us, our children, and our grandchildren. Our federal debt grows every second, we keep running a deficit, and more and more people (45%) rely Read on...

Are You a Career Cow or a Career Guerrilla?

| 1979 Views | Career Strategies

Here is a simple test....Suppose you already know that you will lose your job (or the company that you own will fold) in exactly 12 months. Will you be ready to transition into the next role by then? How about 6 months? 3 months? 1 months? How about Read on...

Great Career Success Lessons from an 8-Year Old and a Local Olympic Hero

| 1782 Views | Career Strategies

My 8-year old son is really into tracking the top swimmers and tennis players in the world, because he swims on a team and is learning to play tennis. "I want to be in the top ten in the world in swimming and tennis," he announced this we Read on...

The Importance of Making Requests, Even Naive Ones, in Order to Advance Your Career

| 2023 Views | Career Strategies

This week I heard three great stories about people who made requests that might seem silly to the rest of us, but that became very lucrative for them. The lesson is that, sometimes, the more we know, the less well we do in our careers. All three ca Read on...

Piggy Backing: The Little Known Career Success Strategy Harvard MBAs Don't Want You to Know

| 2213 Views | Career Strategies

In the Western World we believe in fierce independence and doing it on our own. However, one of the most common and powerful career success strategies turns its back on this basic philosophy. In fact, it is so powerful that the majority of Harvard MB Read on...

Career Success for 20-Somethings

| 1999 Views | Career Strategies

The world seems stacked against success for 20-somethings. They don't seem to be able to get their careers moving forward, can't hold steady jobs, have trouble even getting highly competitive unpaid internships, go back home to live with thei Read on...

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