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One-Page Career Plan Just Added to Member Area

| 2134 Views | Career Strategies

One of the most popular features of Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career is the one-page career plan that it provides. This is a crucial tool for anyone to plan your career -- the same way one might plan their business strategy. You need to Read on...

Which is better - no job or a job you hate?

| 2044 Views | Career Strategies

This blog entry discusses an intriguing article about research on people with a bad job and people with no job at all. The question is: Which is worse for one's mental health? According to a study of 7,000 people over a seven-year timeframe, mo Read on...

Why Your Job Might Be At Risk

| 2220 Views | Career Strategies

See Andy Kessler's great article in the Wall Street Journal today, "Is Your Job an Endangered Species?" Click here. Kessler's arguments: - 26 million Americans are unemployed. - You can't blame this on globalization or l Read on...

Career Strategies: Spike in These Two Areas and Never Worry Again

| 1950 Views | Career Strategies

If you spike in the two areas described in this PowerPoint/Audio presentation, you will increase your odds of career success.... Read on...

How to Get Into the Opportunity Flow

| 1832 Views | Career Strategies

This video PowerPoint presentation discusses the all-important career success principle of Opportunity Flow. Read on...

Using Social Media In Your Job Search? You Might Be Providing More Information Than You Thought!

| 2025 Views | Career Strategies

Today I'm delighted to introduce you to to Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D., who has been gracious enough to contribute a great blog article to the site. Stephanie  is the owner of Thomas Econometrics. She specializes in the quantitative analysis Read on...

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