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Do You Have a Dream Worth Fighting For?

| 2763 Views | Inspiration

Click the title to enjoy this video giving a brief overview of Chapter 4 of Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career. Read on...

Using Social Media In Your Job Search? You Might Be Providing More Information Than You Thought!

| 2171 Views | Career Strategies

Today I'm delighted to introduce you to to Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D., who has been gracious enough to contribute a great blog article to the site. Stephanie  is the owner of Thomas Econometrics. She specializes in the quantitative analysis Read on...

Stop Overspending As the Economy Recovers!

| 2027 Views | Career Strategies

As the recession begins to recede and things seem to be getting better in the economy, it is important for us to remember what can happen, sometimes overnight, to our finances, and be prepared. Studies about what happened during the recession are s Read on...

Warning to Children of Lawyers, Doctors, and Accountants

| 4485 Views | General Career Rants

If you are the child of a lawyer, doctor, or accountant, you may need to change your assumptions about what makes a successful career. For many professionals who grew up any time between the 1940s and 1980s, success meant getting all A's in sch Read on...

Top Six Jobs Where the Romance Doesn't Equal Reality

| 2801 Views | General Career Rants

Be careful of careers that seem romantic and glamorous. Often they sound like great escapes, but the reality doesn't match up to your expectations. Following are six career choices that might seem great on first look, but may ultimately disappoin Read on...

Thank you entrepreneurs!

| 2806 Views | Self-Employment

As Thanksgiving approaches in the USA, I find myself giving thanks to the usual wonderful things, but in this blog want to express gratitude to the many entrepreneurs in this country who work tirelessly to grow their businesses. You make our country Read on...

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