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The Growth in Healthcare Jobs: Be Careful What You Wish For

| 2748 Views | Changing Careers

Healthcare jobs represent a growth area for job seekers. It seems to be common knowledge that as the population ages and more people get,morecoverage under Obamacare, healthcare jobs will continue their current growth. However, be careful what you Read on...

How to Find Job Openings Before Anyone Else

| 2840 Views | Job Search

In this market, where there are 5 job seekers looking to find jobs for every job available, you need an edge. That way, you can find job openings before anyone else. The key is being in the "opportunity flow." To define this term, imagin Read on...

Advice to Long-Term Unemployed

| 2828 Views | Job Search

The ranks of the long-term unemployed -- those who have given up or about  to see their unemployment benefits cut -- continue to swell. Don't give up! Here are some tips. If you are trying to find an opportunity, and what you have bee Read on...

Live Where You Love!

| 1898 Views | Career Strategies

The question, "What should I do with my life?" is crucial, but it is not the first question to ask. A question to ask first is, "Where would I love to live?" Find a place you love to live and make it your home. You can find w Read on...

Buy or Rent a Home?

| 1740 Views | Career Strategies

It used to be a sacrosanct belief that owning a home was part of the American dream. If you want an agile career, you might reconsider this belief. <more> Owning a home makes perfect sense if you are sure that you have a secure job, make enou Read on...

Status and Your Name Tag

| 2270 Views | General Career Rants

Comedian and brilliant podcaster Adam Carolla had a great segment about name tags and career success. According to him, the further away your name appears from your body, the better. A nametag on your chest usually means you work behind a fast foo Read on...

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