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Our Obsession with Fame and The American Idol Syndrome -- and Implications for Your Career

| 1765 Views | General Career Rants

Everyone wants to be famous these days, and that has some unfortunate implications for those searching for job opportunities and job openings. The Jonas Brothers have a best-selling song "I wanna be famous." People who can't sing audi Read on...

How To Find a New Job Within a Month (Case Study)

| 2882 Views | Job Search

My friend Mark was laid off last month. He found a new job almost immediately. How he did it has huge implications for EVERYONE currently employed. Mike was a successful manager in a software firm. Unfortunately, the firm saw its revenues decline d Read on...

Chilling Numbers for Job Seekers and Job Holders

| 1785 Views | Self-Employment

The Wall Street Journal today published an editorial by a business owner explaining that he pays about $77,000 to get $44,000 to an employee's bank account every year. Most of the addtiional money goes to taxes, and then benefits. He doesn't Read on...

Is The Four-Hour Work Week Really Possible?

| 1779 Views | Career Strategies

Is the promise of a four-hour work week in Timothy Ferriss' book possible? Yes!  In my own case, I've gotten things down to about 20-25 hours per week, and I did it long before his book came out (the same is true for Jay). I've Read on...

How Can the "Average Joe" Get Ahead?

| 1929 Views | Career Strategies

Okay, so you think of yourself as an Average Joe or Average Jane, and you wonder how you can get ahead in this chaotic, global economy. Well, you can, but you might not like the answer that follows.... First, Average Joe is merely a label that you Read on...

A Revolution in Small Business

| 1872 Views | Self-Employment

I firmly believe that everyone has knowledge, talents, and skills that can make them wealthy. If you can't find jobs or job  openings, I challenge you to start your own business to bring your skills to the marketplace. Contrary to popular Read on...

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