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Completely New Job Opportunities

| 2953 Views | Changing Careers

JoVon Sotak posted on Yahoo! Hot Jobs a list of "25 Hot Careers That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago." You can also go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for updates of entirely new types of job openings. The list includes new job opportun Read on...

Six Ways to Derail Your Career with Facebook and Twitter Posts

| 2737 Views | General Career Rants

My wife and I have completed an analysis of Facebook and Twitter posts and we have come up with six ways that many of our friends are killing their career opportunities and reputations online. Read on and, if you happen to fit one of these types of F Read on...

The New Way of Working Really Works

| 2219 Views | Self-Employment

Are you still attached to the concept of having a "job"? It used to be that being employed was the safest, most secure way to earn a paycheck. Not anymore. You can make more money and have more security if you abandon the concept of a job Read on...

Good News for Agile Career Guerrillas

| 1757 Views | Self-Employment

Yesterdays Wall Street Journal featured two stories that portend good things for those of us who get the concept of career agility. First, the paper noted that a group of "super angels" are starting investment funds. These funds fill the Read on...

How Ready Are You for China's Dominance?

| 1859 Views | Career Strategies

Any minute now, China is going to overtake Japan as the second largest economy in the world, after the United States. And the United States will be next to fall, maybe not tomorrow, but most likely sooner than we expect. China has many advantages o Read on...

The Lowest Paying College Degrees and The Problem with Salary Statistics

| 2460 Views | Education and Schools

A study of college degrees by Payscale, Inc. revealed the 20 worst-paying college degrees. The top two involve children: child and family studies ($29,500 starting pay), and elementary education ($31,800 starting pay). Others include: social work, at Read on...

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