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Behavioral Blind Spots that Can Kill Your Career

| 2009 Views | Career Strategies

What if you were a total jerk and didn't even know it? Today so many coaches, trainers, and managers focus on building on strengths that they neglect serious and damaging blind spots. I'm talking about obnoxious behavior, arrogance, etiquet Read on...

How To Have an Extraordinary Career

| 2005 Views | Career Strategies

I was speaking to a colleague today who lamented, "Who are all of these people who have extraordinary careers and live extraordinary lives? I'm not doing anything significant." Her comments were surprising to me, because she is a very Read on...

Where to Place Your Bets At a Time of Huge and Growing Government Deficits

| 2057 Views | Career Strategies

The US Federal Government has been printing money like nobody's business and it is going to affect all of us, our children, and our grandchildren. Our federal debt grows every second, we keep running a deficit, and more and more people (45%) rely Read on...

Why Jobs are Obsolete

| 2137 Views | Self-Employment

Stop thinking in terms of jobs. I imagine that fifty years from now, historians will look back on the idea of commuting to work, sitting in cubicles, and being tied to a single employer (even for a short time) as a short-lived anachronism. Why woul Read on...

Are You a Career Cow or a Career Guerrilla?

| 2107 Views | Career Strategies

Here is a simple test....Suppose you already know that you will lose your job (or the company that you own will fold) in exactly 12 months. Will you be ready to transition into the next role by then? How about 6 months? 3 months? 1 months? How about Read on...

Case Study: Employee Making the Leap to Entrepreneur

| 1877 Views | Self-Employment

One of the hardest career decisions you can make is when to make the leap from employment to entrepreneurship. There are so many factors to consider. I just had a great coaching meeting with a colleauge who is thinking of making the leap. Following a Read on...

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