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What will NASA employees do now?

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The final Space Shuttle has landed today, ending the program forever. Now thousands of NASA employees are out of a job. Some will retire, but many still need to find a new opportunity. Of these, some will have an easier time of it than others.

Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career predicts which NASA engineers will succeed, and which will have a more difficult road. The engineers with the best prospects will be those who have managed to stay in the opportunity flow, or to get into it while they saw that the shuttle program was ending. Opportunity flow is an indicator of how many opportunities come your way. You will get more opportunities in proportion to three things: how much value you can provide, how good you are at communicating this value, and how many people know you.

A brilliant engineer who doesn't have many relationships with people inside and outside of NASA is going to be frustrated. That's because less skilled engineers, but those who have relationships in other companies and scientific organizations, will have a stronger flow of opportunities coming to them -- especially those that are not posted publicly.

Whether you are a NASA engineer or not, you have to get into the opportunity flow in your industry or function. Your job could be scuttled the same way that the jobs of these rocket scientists have been, except you might not get as much notice.

Be ready!

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