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What to do if you have a horrible boss

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Have you seen the movie Horrible Bosses? If you are not happy in your work and think your boss is nasty, self-centered, demeaning, arrogant, and manipulative, then this movie will help you blow off some steam.

However, the solution that the movie suggests for dealing with bad bosses -- killing them -- is not realistic for most readers.

So what do you do if you feel stuck in your job and have a horrible boss?

Simple -- Get unstuck. Find another job if you can. The three characters in the movie can't do this, due to various circumstances. For instance, one is a registered sex offender because he urinated in a kid's park -- even though it was at night and the park was completely empty.

That's okay though. You can still start a business. There has never been an easier time in the history of the world for you to start up your own business. You can do it in your spare time (instead of plotting revenge on your boss), and test and improve until you are ready to go out on your own. That's what I did when I had my own horrible job and horrible boss -- and within 6 months I had built up a moonlighting consulting practice to be big enought o sustain my wife and me.

Don't be a victim. If your situation seems horrible, take control of your destiny. Find a new job or start up your own business in your spare time. Millions of people are doing it and saying "never again" to the corporate world. Why not you?

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