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The 4 Unspoken Rules of Getting Ahead in Your Career

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Do you wonder why you aren’t getting top reviews, promotions, and salary increases at your company? It could be because you are ignoring the unspoken ways to get ahead.

In any company there are obvious, states ways to get good reviews. These are apparent in your job description, formal review criteria, key performance indicators, and the rules set out in your compensation plan and contract.

However, there are also four sets of unspoken rules that you have to know in order to really maximize your worth.

First, you have to know what REALLY matters to your boss. Are you helping him look good? Are you giving him the time he needs to focus on his personal career goals? Are you keeping him up to date in ways that he prefers? Do you bring him problems or solutions? Do you adapt to his style of communicating? You need to do all of these things, even if they aren’t in your formal job description.

Second, you have to build relationships with the people who have a say in your company, even if you don’t report directly to them. For instance, I worked at a consulting firm where the partners got together every six months to discuss promotions and bonuses. The people who got the biggest bonuses had to meet the firm’s formal criteria, as a given. However, those who got the biggest bonuses and were promoted fastest happened to have positive relationships with the most influential partners.

Third, you have to act as if you are 100% committed to and loyal to your company, no matter how you really feel. That way, people see you as a long-term employee, and potentially someone who can make it to the executive level or even C-suite.

Finally, you have to fit in with the norms and culture of the company. People who succeed are not seen as eccentric. Rather, they embody the company’s values and way of getting things done.

How do you score on these four unspoken ways to get ahead?

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