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Keys to Success During Your First 90 Days in a New Job

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Hiring is starting to come back. If you do get a new job, congratulations! Now make sure that you don't rest on your laurels, especially during the cruical first 90 days. This is a time when your reputation gets sealed. You have to make sure people perceive you in a favorable light. Here are seven steps to do that:

1. Confirm what success on the job really means. Sit down with your boss and understand the formal requirements of the job, as well as the informal. What are your performance indicators? How will you be measured and evaluated? More importantly, what are the unspoken norms about how people really succeed in the company?

2. Figure out what makes your boss tick, and help him/her succeed. You need to be your boss's #1 fan, and help your boss win. At the same time, make sure you understand your boss's pet peeves, communication style, how he/she likes to communicate -- and adapt your style accordingly.

3. Learn the culture, and fit in. One of the easiest ways to derail your career in your first 90 days is by coming across as eccentric. Figure out how things get done in the company, and fit in.

4. Avoid political landmines. Your first 90 days is not a time to take on sacred cows or polarizing issues.

5. Figure out who the movers and shakers are, and align yourself with them. Think like a politician. Who has the power? Who makes the decisions? Who runs the most important projects? Turn them into mentors, colleagues, and friends.

6. Take enough time to observe, but not too much time. There is a balance here. You don't want to jump in and make rash decisions before you have learned about the new organization and its culture. At the same time, you don't want to sit back and watch until people think you are passive.

7. Create your development plan. Set up a plan to succeed in your next level and advance. What assignments do you need? What skills? What training and education? Who do you need to know?

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