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Career assessment tools overview up this coming week

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Ooops....A reader just notified me that I forgot to include a list of career assessment tools in the bulletproof career member area. My apologies. This information is now up on the site.

Unfortunately, this particular reader just left a very angry email and didn't include his name and email address so that I could respond personally to him. He also made threats and was verbally abusive, which I found kind of scary. I guess that's part of what comes with writing a book -- but I do wish we lived in a more civil world. Also, one of the key points in the book is about the importance of building positive relationships; I wish this reader had taken a more courteous approach so that we could build a professional relationships. You never know who can help you in your career!

To other readers -- if you notice anything missing or not up to snuff compared to what's promised in the book, please let me know immediately and I'll fix it. The free ebook Success in a Challenging World is there. An excellent set of financial tools is there. Some initial podcasts about being an infopreneur are there. And I will be announcing an upcoming series of live telecalls about various career issues, all of which will be recorded and posted in your member area.

On a final note, I'm delighted to respond to any of your personal questions about your own career. I just ask that, unlike the above reader, you are courteous and that of course you include your contact information so that I can get back to you. Just email me and include the code in the back of the book so I know that you have a copy in hand.

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