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More Bad News for the Unemployed

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As if it can't get any worse for the unemployed, news now comes out that employers do not want to hire people who have been unemployed. They are attaching a stigma to the unemployed, especially the long-term unemployed -- so much so that there are cries of discrimination.

This is yet another reason why I think many unemployed need to forget about having a job. There are many, many opportunities out there for you beyond having a single employer, if you have just a little courage and the ability to think differently than you have in the past.

Here are a few examples:

- Take your talents and skills and freelance. It is actually easier to get hired into a company as a freelancer/consultant than as an employee. There are fewer background checks and you don't have to go through the HR department. You can get hired directly by your actual boss! Everybody has a skill that they can turn into a freelancing firm. It takes time to get your business going, but once you do, you have less risk than if you had just a single employer. Lose one client out of ten, and you just have to replace 10% of your income -- and freelancers get into the habit of marketing all the time. Lose one employer and you lose 100% of your income -- and employees are not in the habit of marketing themselves.

- Start a low-fixed-cost, low-barriers-to-entry business. Serve the employed in your community! Start up a service business that doesn't start a lot to get going or to run. Become a tutor. Teach piano lessons. Start a pool cleaning business. Start a catering company. There are thousands of small businesses that you can start, and bootstrap, to success.

- Market information products on the internet. If you buy Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career and log into the member area, you get a 90 minute lecture on how to market information online. There is no upsell to a more expensive seminar; this is real, proven content that seminar companies charge $1,000 for. There are all sorts of online opportunities -- just be sure to avoid all of the get-rich-quick, scam seminar companies.

Those are just three options. There are more. Forget having a job! Create your own future.

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