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Why Your Job Might Be At Risk

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See Andy Kessler's great article in the Wall Street Journal today, "Is Your Job an Endangered Species?" Click here.

Kessler's arguments:

- 26 million Americans are unemployed.

- You can't blame this on globalization or lost housing jobs.

- Employing people is very expensive due to regulations, payroll taxes, and health-care costs.

- Technology is a much less expensive way to get work done, and technology is eating jobs.

- All sorts of jobs can be taken away by technology, from toll takers to tellers, phone operators, stock brokers and traders, paralegals, clinicians, and more.

- There are creators, who actually make things and drive productivity, and there are the servers who provide services to them. These servers fall into different types, but all or them are at risk. There are "sloppers" who move things from one side of a building to another. There are "sponges" who have a license that legally bars others from doing the job (stock brokers, lawyers, doctors) -- yet technology is doing lots of their work for them. "Supersloppers" mark up prices without adding value, leaving room for others to undercut them. "Slimers" work in finance, but their jobs are at risk thanks to electronic trading. "Thieves" have a franchise given -- and possibly taken away -- by government, like cable operators.

Kessler's thesis is that we are just starting a long trend that will include the demise of many, many jobs.

Are you ready? You need to be extremely agile to be able to succeed in this incredibly dynamic new world!

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