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In Praise of the Solopreneur

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I just completed a wonderful seminar training people from around the world to be executive coaches and business coaches.

What a great experience. The seminar was filled exclusively with solopreneurs looking to build their firm. Have you heard that term? People in the seminar from Australia, Africa, and the United Kingdom hadn't, so perhaps it is uniquely American, for now.

Solopreneurs are consultants, coaches, freelancers, web developers, service workers, and professionals who work on their own. It is estimated that there are 20 million of us in the USA alone.

We enjoy many benefits over people stuck in corporate life:

- Freedom to make our hours.

- Freedom to work where we want.

- Freedom to choose our customers.

- Freedom to create and own our own intellectual property.

- Freedom to hire workers from around the world on a contract basis, thereby building a global entreprise from our own home.

- Freedom to take long breaks during the day to be with family, work out, or take a nap.

- Freedom to unleash our passion.

- Freedom to never have to deal with cubicles, office politics, long commutes, and uncomfortable clothing.

- Freedom to build a firm as big or as small as we want.

Sick of your current situation? Join us! There has never been a better time, and frankly, corporations don't deserve the best of the best anymore. Your family and free time does! The Internet makes it possible for you to get visible worldwide, and to attract talent on a project-by-project basis.

It is easier than you think to make the leap! Take a simple step today.

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