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Case Study: Instant Career Success While Self-Employed

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Many people wonder how to succeed when they go out on their own as a freelancer. Well, here is one story about a colleague of mine who seems to be achieving instant success.

His name is Andre, and he is a fitness trainer. He got into this line of work after getting out of the US Army. In addition, after his wife had their first child, he gained a lot of weight and subsequently lost it through proper diet and exercise. Now he looks like he could be a running back for an NFL team!

Andre recently started offering fitness training in my community. Out of the blue, he has become a sensation. His practice is full and, where most fitness professionals charge $25 per hour, he charges over $100 an hour.

His strategy can be used by anyone in any freelance or service business, and follows the three core principles of Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career:

One: He is among the best at what he does. Andre has to have a "toolkit" of thousands of hard-core exercises to get athlets and amateurs faster, stronger, and better conditioned. Unlike other fitness trainers, he has an edge: incredible enthusiasm and energy, a great sense of humor, and phenomenal knowledge of exercises that work. In other words, he spikes in a specific functional expertise.

Two: He is great at developing relationships. Andre formed a relationship with one of the leading tennis training centers here. Now he is training top-notch tennis players with the potential to get scholarships to universities and even go pro. The parents of these kids (myself included) see him working the kids out, and we want him to train us, too. For instance, a couple of doctors now have hired him to come to their houses and train them at home. He also happens to know a lot of pro athletes, who train with him to cross-train and keep in shape. In other words, he also spikes by having relationships that matter in his field. His expertise helps to build relationships, and his relationships get him greater and greater expertise. It all fits together!

Three: He is not afraid to get visible and market himself. At the tennis training center where he works, he has posted posters of himself and the benefits he provides at key places in the facility (on the courts and by the weight room). He says "hello" to everyone he passes by at the club, and is always incredibly friendly. He knows every kid he trains by name, even the youngest player -- and also engages parents in conversations. His passion for what he does shines through, and people want to work for him.

Here's what is especially interesting: There are other trainers already at this facility, but Andre seems to be doing better than them already. Why? Because he has spiked in all three of the above areas: being great at what he does; building great relationships; and getting visible to so people see the value he brings and want to hire him,

I hope you are spiking in the same three areas!

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