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How to Find a Great Career Simply By Watching Reality TV

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There are all sorts of ways to find job opportunities, from taking a sabattical and tarveling the world, to hiring a career coach. However, for the couch potatoes out there, watching reality tv can provide you with a great source of ideas.

I'm not talking about the dating shows, Survivor, or America's (Supposedly) Got Talent. I'm talking about some of the specialty shows, like Pawn Stars, Ace of Cakes, Bridezillas, Swamp Men, No Reservations, Wife Swap, and the like. If you watch some of these shows, you will discover a world of people who have found career and life bliss by becoming specialists in tiny, but lucrative enough, niches:

- An expert on Spanish colonial coins

- A mechanic who can refurbish any vintage motor vehicle and add ten-fold to its value

- A craftsman who can fix up 1950s nostalgia items (like old Coke and pinball machines)

- An expert on antique guns

- A premier maker of candy-as-art

- A creative wedding planner

- A matchmaker to millionaires

- Fishermen off cold, deep waters

- Travel writers

- Paint ball competition business owner

- Money makeover experts

- Dress makers

- Image consultants

- Clothing designers

- Alligator hunters

- Exterminators of exotic pests

- Pet groomers and trainers

- Children's modelling agency

- Pawn store owner

- Owner of a lobster roll restaurant

- Wine sommelier

- Art gallery owner

- Private investigator

- Hypnotist

- Owner of a fishery

- Organic farmer

An on and on. Coming through business school, I didn't really get exposure to all of the really cool, fun jobs out there, and ended up exposed to the more traditional, boring office work. It took me a long time to find the work I love. With some creativity, courage, soul, and independence, even reality television can be your muse when it comes to finding interesting careers.

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