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How To Find a New Job Within a Month (Case Study)

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My friend Mark was laid off last month. He found a new job almost immediately. How he did it has huge implications for EVERYONE currently employed.

Mike was a successful manager in a software firm. Unfortunately, the firm saw its revenues decline during the Great Recession. While Mike survived a number of round of layoffs, ultimately the economy caught up to him.

However, within a month of being laid off, he had 3 solid job opportunities, and ultimately settled on one that would allow him to relocate to a place that he likes more than his current home town.

Here is how he did it:

1. While employed, Mike kept his network of contacts strong. He stayed in touch with people from his industry from all over the USA. He was active in association meetings. He kept in touch with his schoolmaters.

2. Mike was really good at communicating his value. He kept track of the results he got for his current company, and could provide specific, measurable expamples of how he contributed to the company's top and bottom line -- even while it struggled during a recession.

3. He kept his skills strong by taking on challenging assignments and keeping up to speed with new developments and technology.

4. He kept his financial house in order. Mike and I live in a town where there aren't many major employers. Employees here have to be prepared to move out of the town, and even state, in order to find new job opportunities. Mike wisely bought a house he could afford, kept his mortgage and other debts low, and saved up reserves of cash.

Now he is making the move to a part of the country he and his wife have always loved, with a great new job at a growing company.

The time to put all of the above in place is NOW -- especially if you are employed. Otherwise, you put yourself at serious risk of being ambushed and not being in a position to quickly find new opportunities, especially if relocation is required.

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