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How to Find Job Openings Before Anyone Else

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In this market, where there are 5 job seekers looking to find jobs for every job available, you need an edge. That way, you can find job openings before anyone else.

The key is being in the "opportunity flow." To define this term, imagine a river filled with job openings floating by, and you are sitting on the banks of the river. For some people, only a few job openings float by every few weeks; these people are not exactly in the job opportunity flow. For others, dozens of job openings float by every days; this is where you want to be.

So how do you get information about job openings before the next person? How do you make sure you have a robust and rapid flow of job openings coming your way?

Get into the opportunity flow. You need to do this both the old-fashioned way (manually and in person) and the online/social marketing way.

The old-fashioned way to find a job before others: Keep building your network of contacts. Get great at educating people about what you do and how you add value. Formally ask people for people they know who might know people or have opportunities available. Get involved in volunteer projects as a leader, so people see what you can do. Join associations where powerful people also go, and meet these people.

The online/social marketing way: Develop a personal web page. Write a blog. Set yourself up as an expert who answers questions on various blog/expert advice sites. Write articles. Get active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and various answers/wiki sites. Don't just add friends to your pages. Build relationships! Ask for endorsements. Pick up the phone and call connections to help each other out.

Stay active. Make marketing yourself your #1 priority. Job openings will start coming to you before you -- and everyone else you know -- have to go to then.

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