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Advice to Long-Term Unemployed

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The ranks of the long-term unemployed -- those who have given up or about  to see their unemployment benefits cut -- continue to swell.

Don't give up!

Here are some tips.

If you are trying to find an opportunity, and what you have been doing isn't working, you have to be agile and change your strategy:

1. Sell yourself in a new way. It could be that you are not coming across in ways that convince others of your credibility and value. Work with a trusted colleague or friend to role play tough interview situations. Video tape yourself. Try different approaches and make sure you follow the advice in Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career to convey how valuable you are.

2. Sell something new. If people aren't buying the skills you offer today, develop or focus on skills that they will buy.

3. Sell to new people. Expand your power base. Get involved with social marketing if you aren't already. Look for opportunities in new geographies. Reach out to old school buddies and work colleagues you haven't seen in a while. Join a new volunteer organization, social club, or church.

4. Forget about a job and offer your skills in a different format. Start a local service business. Offer information on the Internet. Freelance your skills on sites like www.elance.com.

Most importantly, stay positive. Don't associate the job market with your personal identity. Everyone has something valuable to offer! The challenge is in uncovering that value, communicating it in a compelling way so others want to hire you, and getting visible so that opportunities come your way. 

You can do it!

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