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You CAN Work from Home...Without Any Scams or Get Rich Schemes

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Within a few decades, if not sooner, people will look back on the days of cublicles and commutes to work as a strange and unpleasant artifact of a specific period in history. The same might be true for the 9-5 job.

I don't know many people who love the idea of waking up, putting on work clothes, and commuting to an office for 8 or more hours every day. That explains why, in the USA alone, over 21 million people are freelancers and solopreneurs who have given up the idea of having a job.

Instead, they make their own hours, often work from home, and choose to have multiple clients instead of one single one (an employer).

I know many people who do this, and have yet to meet one who has expressed regret or a longing to go back to their old job.

You can do the same, and you don't need to succumb to a get rich quick scam or a work-at-home scheme you found on the Internet.

There are many models: consultant, virtual business owner, online information publisher, interim executive, creator of a global firm based on low-cost talent worldwide, and more. 

It takes a bit of a shift in mindset, and a certain discipline. Also, it might take a few months to a year to get established (but you can do that while moonlighting and holding down your full time job). Long term, you have more options, can make more money, and get to enjoy to more important things in life.

We can always make more money. But we never get a second of our time back. I am blessed to be able to play with my kids in the morning, drive them to camp, play tennis every day, take my wife out to lunch -- and make money even while doing these things. You can do the same!

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