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You Might Need a New Career If....

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You might need a new career if....

You feel your soul sucking out of your body as you get closer to the office.

You spend at least one full workweek of your life every year commuting.

Your office looks like a graveyard of cubicles spreading out across a gray landscape.

You spend at least a week's salary every year on dry cleaning.

You get so bored at work that you invent idiotic games to pass the time.

You look back on life and realize that you spent half your waking hours on something you could care less about.

You are helping someone else achieve their dream, and putting your dreams aside.

You get bed sores because either you spend so much time commuting or sitting at a desk.

You have nightmares about your work at least once per month.

Off the top of your head you can name at least five co-workers who make really annoying sounds, smells, and facial expressions.

Your child thinks the airport is your other home.

You live somewhere you hate.

You feel nausea when the alarm clock rings on a work day.

Office Space is one of your favorite movies, at least the first half.

Your boss is such a fool that you know you could run things better.

You have over five years of experience, but you have been doing the same thing over and over each and every year.

You can't stomach the thought of going through another round of layoffs.

Your company gives a party to workers when they quit but not to workers who have been there a long time or have just started.

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